Shri 1008 Sumatinath Digamber Jain Mandir
Panchkalyanak Pratishtha Maha-Mahotsav
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About The Mandir

Sumati Dham

Sumatidham has come into existence by inspiration from the divine blessings of Acharya Shri Vidyasagar Ji, Acharya Vishudh Sagar Ji, Acharya Prasanna Sagar Ji and Acharya Saubhagya Sagar Ji. Acharya Shri Vishudh Sagar Ji had visited Godha Estate in 2017 and had given his blessings to our desire to construct a temple. Acharya Prasanna Sagar Ji blessed with his presence on 11th December 2019 under his guidance, bhoomi pujan and shilanyas was performed. Acharya Saubhagya Sagar Ji came in June 2021 and gave us his blessings.

उत्क्रष्ट सिंहनिष्क्रीड़ित व्रत साधना महोदधि अन्तर्मना आचार्य श्री 108 प्रसन्न सागर जी महाराज

बालयोगी आचार्य श्री 108 सौभाग्य सागर जी महाराज

पंचकल्याणक कार्यक्रम

Panchkalyanak Mahotsav

Panchkalyanak mahotsav is going to be held, its scheduled is clearly decided from 6th March to 11 March 2024

Mandir Darshan

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