About Mandir

About Sumatidham Mandir

The length of the temple is 95 feet 10.75 cm and the height is 57 feet. Length of womb is 9 feet, height is 9 feet and height is 12 feet, Prasaad is 12 feet. Length of Rang Mandap is 23-3 feet Width is 23-3 The length of the inner full temple is 57-9 x 36-9 feet. Shrangaar choki length 9-9 feet x 9-9 feet Side choki length is 23-3 feet x 6-9 feet Total pillar is 68 (42 inner and 26 outer)

The architecture of the temple has been created by architect Kishore Sompura. His full name is Kishore Kumar Ottermalji Sompura and resident of Pindwara district Sirohi (Rajasthan) and age is 47 years. He has 20 years of experience in temple craftsmanship. The main contractors of the temple have been done by Magaram ji Soparamji resident (Rajasthan), Laxman Bavraji Devji resident Karan (Rajasthan). The first Digambar Jain temple was constructed by him and he has been working as a temple contractor and craftsman for 25 years.

The outer stone of this temple is made of Bansi Paharpur which is approximately 17000 ghanfit. Which has been prepared at this place. Inside marble stone makarna has been installed which is 8000 cubic feet in size. The murti of bhagwan ji is made by Vietnam stone workers from Orissa. The weight of the murti is equal to 1 ton.

The carving work of the main murti and the temple has been done by Madhav ji Orrisa and his team. This entire work has been done as per the direction of the architect and contractor. The laying of the first stone of the temple was started on 16 January 2022 and the work of the temple was completed on 16 January 2024.

There is a big entrance gate in front of the temple whose width is 39-6 feet. On whose sides is an elephant and above which is the Digamber Pratima Virajman.

Moorti Sumatinath Bhagwan

Shri Sumatinath Bhagwan’s height is 51 inches (made from stone from Vietnam) Shikhar’s height is 36-7 inches This temple is built in the north direction, whose star is turning and which is the deity, whose temple is the highest. North direction belongs to Lord Kuber which gives wealth as well gives respect Mother has given everything. This temple has been built according to the scriptures of Jain religion and has been made according to Vastu.


The length of the Maanstambh is 13 feet, width is 13 feet and height is 35 feet. In which a total of 24 Gods will be present and 4 have been built in Khadak Ji Stambh.

Acharya 108 Vishudhh Sagar Ji Maharaj

Acharya Shri Vishuddh sagar ji Maharaj (born 18 December 1971) is one of the best-known modern Digambara Jain Acharya (Digambar Jain Monk). He is also Known for his Preacher on Famous and one of the Most ancient and Old treatise of Jainism composed by Jain Acharya Kunkunda Samaysara, A book is Published naming Samay deshna author Acharya Vishuddh Sagar Ji Maharaj.

At the young age of sixteen, Acharya Vishuddh Sagar Ji (birth – 18th December 1971, at Village – Roor, District Bhind, Madhya Pradesh) from Shri Ramnarayanji and Ratibai jain, he passed High School embarked on the virtuous path of Jain asceticism, embanking Brahammcharya Vrat and Became. Kshullaka Yashodhar ji on 11th October 1989 at Bhind (M.P.) Elak at 19th June 1991 at Panna (M.P.) Became Muni Vishuddh Sagar on 21st November 1991 at Shreyansgiri (M.P.) He attained the rank of Acharya on 31st March 2007 at Aurangabad (Maharashtra). All the said rank he has adopted from P.P. Ganacharya 108 Shri Virag Sagar ji Maharaj and Studied too from him.

Sumatidham Charitable Trust

This trust has been founded with the intention of using the funds donated by people who visit Sumatidham for the education of Jain children who cannot pursue basic or higher education due to financial problems and this trust also intends to facilitate medical facilities to Jain families who cannot afford it. This is a “Manav Seva Trust”.

The trust has been founded by Manish Sapna Godha in January 2024.

About Sant Sadan

“Saubhagya Sadan” is the name of the building constructed for facilitating the stay of Jain Gurus with their disciples. We wanted to ensure that our Gurus who visit Sumatidham give us the “Saubhagya” of staying in the sant sadan and give us the chance of “Seva” and “Aaharcharya”

It has been named Saubhagya Sadan in the name of Acharya Shri 108 Saubhagya Sagar Ji Maharaj.